Budapest, Hungary, June 19th, 2004

This exhibition was part of the annual Festival "Budapest Today" which started six years ago with 60 Thousand visitors each year.  This Digital Fine Art Show was initiated and organized by Tibor Kovacs-egri, and 23 artists from ten different countries participated. All approx. 300 entries were combined into a DVD of 1 hour and 45 minutes projected on 6 plasma screens continuously from 10 am to 10 pm inside the 350 m long Alagút tunnel in Budapest.

Photo by Roland Burger from the Art-Mobil Ltd.

Participating artists:

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(in Hungarian only, however below is the relevant text in English )

"Webism - art connecting the world" – with this title  an international virtual exhibition of fine art will be held on 19 June in the Tunnel. Webism is an international art movement whose members are professional artists using, apart from traditional methods, the computer as a medium for creating their pictures. The computer technology has freed the creative process not only of its traditional limitations, but also of the limitations of communication amongst the artists and between the artists  and the audience. The visitors have the possibility to view 300 artworks of 23 artists from 10 countries on 6 plasma television screens.

Exhibiting artists from the following countries:

France: Christian Couette, Bernard Dumaine
Germany : Ingrid Kamerbeek, Christiane Schimmel, Norbert Strippel
Netherlands : Willem den Broeder
Austria : Uly Paya, Zazie
Liechtenstein : Vlado
Hungary : Horkay István, Kneisz Eszter, Kovács-egri Tibor
Russia : Afanassy Pud
Australia : Nita Jawary, Parys St. Martin
India: Shankar Barua
USA: Craig Blair, Ursula Freer, Darin Ingalls, Pygoya, Sylvie Robert,
Hans-Georg Turstig